W. Raymond Stine, Jr. - Senior Investment Consultant

Ray Stine joined Gary Goldberg Financial Services in 1988, after a distinguished career in upper management at NYTEL (now known as Verizon). Mr Stine's personal experience of the retirement process proved to be the catalyst to start a second career as a financial consultant. Mr. Stine became a client of Gary Goldberg Financial Services during his own retirement process, which made him particularly aware of the challenges retirees and soon-to-be-retired people face.

Predicated on the belief that investor education is the key to building lasting and successful relationships with clients, Mr. Stine focuses on explaining the entire investment management process to clients and prospective clients. In his efforts to ensure that all parties fully understand the intricacies of this process, Mr. Stine works closely with Estate Planning Attorneys and Accountants.

In his youth, Mr. Stine served as a US Air Force Navigator during World War II, where he served on board a B-17 Bomber. Mr. Stine has a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Ohio University, and is a graduate of Executive Management Program at the University of Virginia.











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