The Montebello Process®
Short Term / Intermediate Term / Long Term Investments

Your investment portfolio should be a reflection of your needs, not just a combination of products and securities. Unlike products offered by many brokers and advisors, the Gary Goldberg Financial Services trademarked Montebello Process® provides a road-map to build a comprehensive investment strategy focused on your specific needs and investment objectives.

We take advantage of the various investment strategies we manage to customize a portfolio that fits your needs. As conservative portfolio managers, our focus is on investment strategies that provide our clients with certain levels of safety and security.

The Montebello Process Overview:
Generally, the Investment Committee develops portfolios which have a broad market exposure by investing in all major market sectors. However, the Committee will overweight sectors they believe to show good relative strength and/or positive fundamentals and underweight areas of the market that are not favored.

Based on our analysis coupled with various sources of research, the Strategic Investment Committee first focuses on overall portfolio themes, dictated by various macro-economic variables.

When developing investment themes, the Committee is focused on events and catalysts that we anticipate having a substantial market impact over the next 12 to 18 months. We do not allow short-term events to dictate our long-term strategy.

When various market conditions dictate changes to our portfolios, the Investment Committee reallocates various investments to better reflect the investment environment. Typically, the Investment Committee does not make "wholesale" changes, nor does it "rebalance" based on a static model. Rather, we take an active approach to managing money, focusing on real-time information, a longer-term view of economic conditions and a tactical approach to making portfolio changes.  All portfolios are engineered to control volatility - risk management is our primary focus.

This process places a great deal of importance on:
• No-Load and Load-Waived Mutual Funds
• Exchange Traded Funds
• Managed Variable Annuities
• Income Equity Solutions

Disclosure Brochure


In addition to the management fees that are charged by BAM, the underlying Mutual Fund, Exchange Traded Fund or Variable Annuity sub-accounts have internal expenses, fees and costs. Please read the prospectus of the underlying funds or annuity for specific information relating to the fees, charges and costs as well as other important information relating to the investments. These investments are not FDIC insured, may lose their value and are not guaranteed.

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