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With passage of the USA PATRIOT Act and SEC approval of the Treasury Department's Customer Identification Rules, Gary Goldberg Financial Services must notify all public and institutional clients of its obligation to verify their identity. Verification of identity will take place through various means, such as comparing information provided by the client against databases like Equifax or Lexis/Nexis, requiring photocopies of a driver's license, passport, or alien registration card, or obtaining other documents of attestation as to that client's identity.

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The GGFS Code of Ethics
GGFS has adopted a Code of Ethics expressing the firm's commitment to ethical conduct. GGFS's Code of Ethics describes the firm's fiduciary duties and responsibilities to clients, and sets forth GGFS's practice of supervising the personal securities transactions of supervised persons with access to client information.  Individuals associated with GGFS may buy or sell securities for their personal accounts identical to or different than those recommended to clients.  It is the expressed policy of GGFS that no person employed by GGFS shall prefer his or her own interest to that of an advisory client or make personal investment decisions based on the investment decisions of advisory clients.

To supervise compliance with its Code of Ethics, GGFS requires that anyone associated with this advisory practice with access to advisory recommendations provide initial/annual securities holdings reports and quarterly transaction reports to the firm's Chief Compliance Officer. GGFS requires such access persons to also receive approval from the Chief Compliance Officer prior to investing in any IPOs or private placements (limited offerings).

GGFS requires that all individuals must act in accordance with all applicable Federal and State regulations governing registered investment advisory practices. GGFS's Code of Ethics further includes the firm's policy prohibiting the use or misuse of material non-public information. Any individual not in observance of the above may be subject to discipline.

GGFS will provide a complete copy of its Code of Ethics to any client upon written request to the Chief Compliance Officer at GGFS’s principal address.

How to Register a Complaint
All inquiries, complaints and other correspondence should be sent to:

Gary Goldberg Financial Services
Attn: Chief Compliance Officer
75 Montebello Road
Suffern, NY 10901

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